Brian roach- Colorado 

"I had no idea what to expect and landed in Peru completely Open to anything. The moment that you meet Taylor, you know you are in for an incredible experience. Her Glowing Spirit, warm smile and passion for the area reaches out to you. Her network of friends and local guides connects you to the area more and more every day. Because of her I felt completely connected and radiated positive energy. Still to this day. I can't thank her enough."


jeriann sabin- idaho 

"Peru was such a surprise, true transformative travel. Centering and grounding each day with yoga allowed me to experience the Sacred Valley and all it has to offer with an open heart and mind. I felt a part of the very earth we walked and the stones we trod. My mind was clear and focused on every moment because I was not preoccupied with any travel details. Amazing. After traveling extensively and attending to all the details myself, what a treat to have everything arranged and organized--thank you Taylor--I could not asked for a better experience."

annelies leland- wyoming

"Taylor is the person you want to have guiding you through ancient ruins, winding streets, finding fresh juice, and navigating sacred ceremony. She is an expert at balancing group dynamics and ensuring everyone is comfortable and fulfilled. Do yourself a favor and explore Peru with Full Moon Tours."

lori schmall- portland 

"Awesome experience. Very well organized and great way to experience the Sacred Valley. Highly recommended!"

rachel mara gorenstein- portland 

"Our journey through the Sacred Valley was remarkable, thoughtful and inspired. 
Taylor's authentic connection to Peru and its people is a rare find. 
I think Taylor may be an Inca Princess reincarnate...just saying."

Danny Rowley- Washington 

"Words are not enough to describe our adventures in Peru with Full Moon Tours. Every day was a new and exciting experience and the things I learned and witnessed will live with me forever. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be filled with love as your minds are opened to the beauty and wonders that the world has to offer. I promise you will not be disapointed and you will be eternally grateful when you return home, and you might even decide to stay."

amanda johnson- arizona

"Yoga, sacred sites, fresh food, and just a touch of the urban life? What more could one ask for in a week long trip?! This trip was the perfect mix of planned options, with free and spacious time to explore on your own. I really enjoyed waking up with yoga each morning to get the mind and body right, before embracing all Peru had to offer with grace. Full Moon Lodge was quiet, beautiful, clean, and the staff were all so friendly and helpful. I'd do a tour again with Taylor in a heartbeat, she's genuine, chill and has lots of great stories to share!"