San Pedro Cactus- Huachuma 


San Pedro is a cactus that is native to the Andes Mountains and has been used in traditional Andean medicine for over 3000 years.

The Huachuma- San Pedro ceremony consists of consuming the brew of the cactus as a tea, guided with a loca healer. These ceremonies may cure illness of a spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical nature. Huachuma can rekindle love and enthusiasm for life, this cactus is a teacher of compassion, it shows us how to live in balance and harmony with nature; how to love, respect, and honor all living beings. Each person's experience will be unique, it is a personal journey of discovery, as we are all individual beings.

Huachuma, meaning the cactus of four winds, received the name San Pedro cactus after the Spanish. Although the Roman Catholic church tried to suppress its use after the Spanish Conquest. This didn't work as the common name "San Pedro cactus" –Saint Peter cactus, is attributed to the belief that just as St Peter holds the keys to heaven, the effects of the cactus allow users "to reach heaven while still on earth."

The San Pedro cactus is the name given to psychoactive species of the genus Trichocereus ( T. pachanoi, T. peruvianus) which comprises about thirty species, mainly found in the Andes. It is a large columnar cactus that grows up to heights of twenty feet. Mescaline is the primary psychoactive alkaloid (naturally occurring chemical compound of organic nitrogen base) in San Pedro, and in the well-known peyote cactus. Mescaline is an entheogen chemical substance obtained from natural species used in a spiritual, religious or shamanic context.

The mescaline is most highly concentrated in the cactus skin, which is peeled and then boiled for consumption.

We will have the opportunity to help prepare the cactus to drink, work with an Andean Maestro of San Pedro, and allow this plant to heal us as needed as the ceremony takes place during the day, in nature and we will practice in ancient ceremonial ruins. The effects can be mild to strong, depending on dose.

This plant is an important medicinal tool to expand human consciousness.