Mystical Shamanic Retreats in the Sacred Valley of Peru

The intentions for the retreats planned here are to travel and connect through yoga and ritual, amongst the powerful energy of the Andes. To learn and experience the wisdom from indigenous peoples of Peru. To reconnect with spirit and our ancestors, while conquering fears with help from the Master Plants.

To let go. 

10 Day Retreats

where we go & what we do  


full day trip and tour of machu picchu 


Explore the Sacred Valley

hikes to ruins, archaeological sites & villages

Moray,Salineras,patacancha, ollantaytambo, pisac, cusco

Daily Yoga, Meditation and Healing Practices


Shamanic healing ceremonies from the Andes & Amazon

Sweat lodge, Andean Despacho Offering Ceremony, Coca leaf reading

Optional Ayahuasca Ceremony & san pedro moon ceremony