Our Team

The Faces and Souls behind Full Moon Tours 


Taylor Wagner 

Taylor is originally from Oregon in the U.S. She has a special relationship with the people and places in the Sacred Valley. She is a child of the World and has found home and connection to be in the Sacred Valley of the Andes in Peru. Taylor and her friends in Peru have created Full Moon Tours Peru, a transformative travel experience for people who want to connect to spirit. 

"Spirit is alive in these mountains and I believe if people can reconnect to spirit and learn from the ancient wisdom that is here, we can move in a better direction to save our planet and humanity." ~Taylor Wagner

sara luz

Sara is from Ollantaytambo, Peru. She is walking the spiritual path and is a powerful healer. Sara, which means maiz (corn) in Quechua, is working to keep her indigenous language, Quechua, alive. She has a project to construct and open a women's safe space and spiritual circle. Reconnecting women to their power, wisdom and ancient practices. 

Sara embraces newcomers from around the World, hoping to learn healing traditions from every part of the Globe while sharing insights and rituals from Andean culture. 


Filder- ronin soy 

Filder is a Shipibo shaman from the Peruvian Amazon. Filder’s Shipibo name is Ronin Soy, which means Snake of the sweet water, he is a master who has inherited the old Shipibo traditions of shamanic medicine.  

Filder was guided by his grandmother and grandfather to be an Ayahuasca shaman and first drank the brew at 11 years of age.  He is a powerful healer and is connected to the spirit world. 



elder nunez

Elder is from the Sacred Valley of Peru. He is a master of many crafts. A local medicine man and guide with Huachuma- San Pedro Cactus. He facilitates beautiful ceremonies and is willing to teach anyone and everyone how to prepare this sacred brew. He holds Sweat lodge ceremonies in Ollantaytambo as well. He is an active mountain biker, artist and father of two girls.

Abuelo Vidal.jpg

abuelo vidal 

Grandfather Vidal is one of three wisdom keepers of the Ancient Peruvian Incan traditions. Abuelo Vidal holds beautiful Despacho Ceremonies and is spreading the importance of Unity. He has been walking the spiritual path his whole life and is helping people break the concepts of separation, we are all one family. 




Luzclara camus