Aliya Galim 


My name is Aliya Galim. I used to hate my name when I was a girl. In fact I was disgusted by the way I looked, spoke, communicated with people. And mainly I did not enjoy the way they treated me. I grew up in a full family, received education and all life vital things. But was always feeling disconnected with family, country and myself. Almost every day I was visualizing how I die and how all family will suffer because of tremendous loss. Oh what a victim I was :)

My name is Aliya. Today I am in love with my name and my life. I went through years of intense work to heal relations with my parents. Though they passed away when I was 16. I reconnected with my roots, religion and country. Though today I don't live in Kazakhstan anymore. Today I am a mother of a beautiful girl, who is my Pearl and best teacher.

My life went through cycles of rebirth and death. Wife, business development manager, home owner. Today I don't have permanent address, I don't possess furniture and car. My life fits inside of a suitcase.

I found my inspiration and call in delivering Yoga practice and knowledge. Gift of body movement, be it martial arts or dance. When I feel depleted or emotionally down - I find way to stand up and move. Just keep moving till my body responds and tells me: "Thank you".

Later I discovered that my primary physiology is the key to my practice. I am a Woman and whether I like it or not my body follows cycles. My hormones and emotions follow. This inspired me to change my lifestyle: from eating to menstruating. I looked around and found myself passing this knowledge to other women. This sisterhood grows every day. I am guiding Women circles, rituals and celebrating the Feminine aspect in our body.

I am grateful for my ability to learn fast and then break rules and adapt any technique and skill to my perception and style. I love mixing... E.g. Ashtanga with Yin. Breathwork with dance. Cacao ceremony with chantings. Maybe someone would call me too eccentric. But I am not good in extremes. I want to stand in the middle and grab various knowledge from here and there and create a new cocktail.

I am following teachings of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen , who delivers anatomy, physiology and movements in a very special manner. She finds patterns of our mental, emotional and physiological patterns from embryological period. She says if we understand those patterns we can reprogram our body and find more freedom in movement and life.. Her studies inspire me to sense, feel and move with high awareness. 5Rhythm Dance by Gabriel Roth opened a whole new world of dance therapy to me. I always loved to dance. Marriage between music and movement creates a platform where human can go to the depth of the drama and beauty. Face it, knowledge and understand. I love guiding extatic dancing, connecting it to Chakra system, emotions or story telling.

I live intuitively. I am known to be stubborn and breaking rules. No planning or changing plans the last second. It's not easy for someone. But that's my nature. I will enter space where it flows and resonates. And turn around, leave if there is resistance and friction... That's same way how I discovered Ayahuasca. Smoothly the Spirit of Mother Earth came into my life. So gracefully and tenderly. I had 2 ceremonies in 2013 in India. Since then something clicked inside. I sense Earth and my ancestors on another level, which hard to explain. I believe in this Medicine. And new blessing opportunity came my way, I am guiding Yoga in Peru , with opportunity for people to experience Plant Medicine.

So basically I am open-minded, unpredictable, flowing Woman. I am not a shaman, I am not religious, I am not a hippie. And I love shamanic world, and world of dance and Yoga, meditation and travelling and earning money and spending money. My credo: easy come - easy go. Sometimes people label me the way they connect to 1 side of me. And it's beautiful, I have many faces and one truth: I am free to be Myself.

Today I am internationally certified Yoga Alliance ERYT-200, RYT-500. I practice and teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. My experience and skills motivated me to create my own program of training teachers. Ahimsa - non-violence is the first principle for me in Yoga. Unfortunately there is a lot of injuries in Yoga today. There is a big lack of awareness on the mat. Yoga is not simple queuing and leading clients from pose to pose. Often this practice becomes a simple repetition. And the main key is forgotten - awareness. We have to remember that we want people to learn awareness, not yoga poses and sophisticated transitions. Bring them back to the heart - we need to teach from the heart ❣

~Aliya Galim